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Whenever there is problem with your VoIP implementaton - we'll help you!

In most cases. Internet telephony / VoIP isn't difficult to implement. In like 95% of all implementations it just works out-of-the box. However, there are certain scenario's where problems might show up and your IP Phone or IP PBX does not work the way you expect it to work.

You can think of:
-router / firewall / LAN problems 
-internet connection overloaded / high latency
-changes at the ISP site (other modem / firmware update) 
-changes to the local network / LAN (new / other equipment / other subnet)
-weird NAT problems
-updates to IP telephones, IP PBX or softphones
-PC problems (with running softphones)

If you or your IT team does not have the knowledge to take care of these issues, you can buy a
1 hour remote support package. We will then remotely control a PC on your network using Teamviewer and will help you to see what can be wrong and try to solve it when possible.

Minimum of 1 hour. When there is more time needed you can decide to get another hour of remote suport or we can send one of our installation or affiliate partners on-site. We will discuss this in time.

Ready to order?
For remote support, you can order in this shop only. Just put the 1 hour of support in your shopping-cart, check out and pay for it.

After we've received your payment, we wil  get back to you on email and will coördinate and plan to get a support-engineer online as soon as we can. To be sure, also email us after you placed the order to verify we got the order. 

Important:  Remote support is ALWAYS on appointment and will have to be planned. Do not expect instant support please. Our support-engineers are available for you but mostly never instantly. 

More technical information needed?
If you need more technical information or all our SIP setttings check it out on our support pages! 

Questions? Let us know at [email protected] - we will get back to you asap!

Take care!
Team XeloQ IQ-Telephony
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