About us

Our WebShop is operated by XeloQ WebShop / The Netherlands which takes care of the entire payment, shipping, returns and warranty of all products. You won't notice anything of this at all but further information on your payment / billing / sender information, the name and address of XeloQ Webshop will appear.

All SIP compatible equipment that is offered in this webshop, in theory works well with the XeloQ SIP / VoIP system. If you have any doubts or additional questions, please email [email protected].

About XeloQ Communications

XeloQ Communications is a VoIP / Internet Telephony service provider which has been active since 2002 on the (inter) national market. The first two years operated systems Communications XeloQ the H323 protocol and, in 2004 switched to SIP, the de facto standard Internet Telephony the world hundreds of millions of users already operational.

XeloQ Communications currently has six employees and is still growing. Thanks to the global cooperation of the
technical, marketing and sales teams with leading telecommunications companies, operators and partners a solid foundation for the reliable backbone VoIP system.

XeloQ Communications operates from a modern office building in Hoofddorp and the staff are employed in various countries.

Internet Telephony services are currently over 112 resellers to tens of thousands of users in 64 countries offered.
More information:  www.XeloQ.com

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